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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hawaii Cruise - January 7

Cruise News

We have been notified that, at 1:15AM today, this ship was notified by the U.S. Coast Guard that a crew member from the GRAND Princess, also underway to Hawaii but from San Francisco, went overboard. Details of that are not available - whether the man overboard was accidental or what.

At that time, this ship turned Northward and has been rushing to get closer to the GRAND. (We wondered during breakfast why the Sun was where it is. We could tell that we had turned, but were concerned about HOW MUCH we had turned.

We will be joining up with the Grand, with a Coast Guard vessel (photo), and with a Coast Guard aircraft (and a number of cargo ships) to participate in a grid-like search for 'something' in the water. We have joined a number of others volunteering to be EYES at the rails.

We were told this will effect our itinerary. Details will be announced later.


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