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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Jan 8

Cruise Blues

At 11AM today, once again, our ship was released by the Coast Guard - free to go on our way, leaving GRAND Princess alone to carry on the search until midnight.

Our question: If the grid-pattern search cannot be done after sundown, what good would it be for GRAND to remain until that time?

One thing more, though. GRAND has a passenger with a medical problem, so it is necessary for the two ships to meet while that passenger, family and luggage is transfered to our ship. Here are photos of the transfer.

Now we are guessing there will be no further interruption for OUR cruise. We'll see.

Shortly after we left GRAND behind, we were told that the Coast Guard changed their mind, and GRAND was also released from the search.

Our new question: Was that passenger transfer really necessary?


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