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Monday, June 02, 2014

Nadene Galli ~ March 2, 1931 - May 25, 2014

People who attend gatherings like this one commonly have individual reasons for doing so. For most, it is their relationship with the deceased that they wish to honor. Today's significance is that of recognizing some or another 'family tie' that they have lived with for many years. The Goodman Family and the Galli Family have each harbored a place within their family trees for Nadene Galli for many years. It is understandable that those families count predominantly in today's service.

Then, there are those close friends of Nadene's. Their attendance is most likely to show sympathy and support for Nadene's family members.

No matter anyone's reason for attending today, I would like to suggest a reason that so much love and support comes Nadene's direction at this time. That reason comes directly from the influence Nadene has had in our individual lives.

Hardly anyone can think of Nadene, nor of her late husband, Bill Galli, without remembering his or her strong love for kids. Whether at small gatherings in their home or at Family Reunions, each of them spent lots of time playing with, teasing, wrestling with or otherwise entertaining youngsters. Many times, over the years, I have heard from Nadene about children newly born to others in the family - or about kids that simply had the sniffles - in ways that demonstrated what she was most concerned about at the moment - above anything else.

Today, Nadene is standing at that eternal doorway, hand-in-hand with her beloved Bill and blowing loving kisses to each of us. This moment, she is calling to all who will listen:

"We have treated ALL of you as our kids, whether or not you felt that coming your direction. Try not to leave this gathering today without having learned what we have tried to share when we were with you; love and respect one another in ways you may have never dreamed. We will keep you in our sight, and are willing to teach you how better to do this if you will just remember what we have shared."

  • Nadene's Funeral Service is underway at this moment in Pioneer, California.
  • This eulogy is being read for that occasion by her Great-Nephew, A.J. Whitaker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember most those body-shaking hand shakes, from Uncle Bill, while saying, "How you doin', Hamburger [for the boys)/Cheeseburger for the girls]". And, most specially, Aunt Nadine - always smiling ear-to-ear along with us kids. ~ Lacey Wittrock

Jun 23, 2014, 1:26:00 PM  

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