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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegetative Lush

Before entering the jungle, Danny thought it would be good to wear camouflage. What he wanted to hide from in all the lush vegetation is anyone's guess. At first, it really didn't seem all that effective. But, in the second picture (above), just look how well that vegetative lush actually was hidden. All he needs to complete the outfit is a camouflage cap.

A couple years ago we began our two-man Shuffleboard Tournament. It was good to get back into the action. For anyone interested, the score at close of today's play shows DC leading DC 40 to 24.

A first for us today was watching as the ship pulled away from port actually leaving several passengers stranded. They had taken a private tour and did not make it back to the dock until just five minutes after had cast off. Many of us called out to them, "Swim, swim", but they didn't seem interested in doing that. They'll have to take a flight to rejoin us tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Sighting

Fortunately, when the mind is dazzled, words penned earlier fill the void. Here's one from the archives.

On Sighting

It comes from all directions,
Left and right,
High and low.
The press of laughter, hopes and dreams
To cancel those we know.

That frigate, there, that follows us,
Loops and soars,
Tests the wind.
One morsel at a time enough
To guide the agile wing.
 ~Donn Coon, December 2006

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Double Chocolate Chip

We've been waiting since December to learn whether Sapphire Princess could deliver when it comes to our vacations' premier delight - their famous Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies. Within minutes of boarding (noon today) we had the answer. Now it's but a matter of keeping our little secret.

Sapphire is one of the line's largest ships, and this opportunity may be among our last to experience her before she is refurbished at dry dock during January, 2012. We dread returning after that and finding the posh Wheelhouse meeting area gone, same as Island, Diamond and Grand have experienced. There has been no greater cruise joy than to sit with friends at the Wheelhouse, surrounded by such elegance as often described in great ocean liners of the past.

Our stateroom has a picture-window view of the Pacific. Opposite that, though, is the work area. I'll be spending the next two weeks grinding out my next chapter whilst Danny keeps tab of things in the Casino.

We chanced meeting a gentleman at the Dining Room with whom we shared during dinnertime. The fun was that he and I were born in the same Michigan city, grew up knowing the same street names, school names, and locations only we could know. What fun!

Dan's now snoring. The sound lulls me to thoughts of doing the same. We've already met a number of folks that have traveled great distances today. Our own one hour trip to the port was nothing by comparison but our exhaustion tells on us.