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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Headed Back

Two-thirds of the trip is behind us. Now the best part; no blogging, no photos -- only visiting.

Our day began with a few moments of whale-watching before we headed in to town. Once there, we looked for signs of the tsunami that reportedly made its appearance last month. There certainly is nothing that catches the eye. Oh, perhaps the streets appear a little bit washed. Otherwise, it's only a memory of the locals.

Lunch was at a café along Front Street. It's a place that's easily missed. One enters the front door into the kitchen and has to bustle their way past the cooks to reach the patio. There are only six or seven tables, and Danny quickly grabbed our customary place at the far back.

This is our last blog entry for the trip. For one week we will only be thinking of the kitties at home. Thanks for tolerating our intrusions.

Danny and Donn

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Want Heaven?

The highlight of my trip. After a shopping trip, followed by a good on board luncheon, we set off for Nawiliwili Town. The object, of course was JJ's Broiler. It's a pleasant, beach side eatery that we found several years ago. As mentioned in yesterday's blog, the Mango Passion is menu item for me. Mmmm.

Of course, it's also delightful to just sit back and watch the surfers wipe out, the kids building sand hovels, and the local, wild chickens clucking about our feet in search of something to nibble.

Now underway for a short visit to Maui. We're anxious to see any vestigial signs of last month's tsunami.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Exhausting Day

It was December when I had my last photo taken so I wanted this one made, just to show my latest haircut. Goes well with my Aruba shirt, don't you think?

We scooted about quite a bit today, managing lots of planned shopping. At one place, the International Market, we enjoyed what seemed to be hundreds of shops nestled beneath an enormous banyan tree. Not only the shops caught our eye; we found luscious, delicate, colourful blossoms of many varieties. My greatest joy, though, was an encounter with many tiny sparrows, bunched with six or eight mourning doves as they gleaned together along the sidewalk. They seemed fearless, nearly allowing me to touch them. Dan was away with the camera, else I would have a photo of that moment to share.

Tomorrow is one of the days I've listed as 'reason' for this trip; we'll be visiting
JJ's Broiler, in Nawiliwili. Although I'm not much of a drinker, I enjoy JJ's for Mango Dream. (Ref. the
MindWalker entry of 2/15/2010.) The Dream is great, and we also enjoy the company of Kelly, who's served us several times in the past.